My background is primarily in manufacturing and construction, although quite by accident.

I have been doing art since I could pick up a pencil. I would sit next to my mom and draw as she painted watercolors.

In college I majored in Art and Design with an emphasis in metalwork.

To pay for college, I stumbled into manufacturing and construction. It seemed to make sense, since as a child I was always tinkering with something. I took things apart put them back together. I built forts in the many trees we had in Michigan, built igloos in the snow.

As an adult I have discovered objects don’t have to be either functional or beautiful. Why can’t they be both? I enjoy combining function and beauty with sophisticated and industrial elements.

The satisfaction for me is getting to know the customer, and seeing what they envision as the end result Taking their interests and insights to heart, to complete the project as if they had done it themselves.

-A repair is just a great excuse to create a new look, feel, or space.